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Le Grindoux is in the department known as the Lot-et-Garonne, next door to the Dordogne region (ten minutes away).

Some say that the house is in Gascony, others say the Périgord, or the Pays du Dropt, which are older, regional designations that pre-date the modern "départements."

Almost all of the surrounding area is farmland, actively farmed for corn, hay, sunflowers and other crops. Those who aren't farming the land for cash crops are often cultivating food for their poultry or other livestock. There are many farms to visit, sometimes called fermes auberges, where you are welcome to stop and tour the farm, taste the products and often, share a meal with the farmer.

The village of Castillonnès is 1 km away, where there is a weekly farmers market on Tuesday mornings, tennis courts to reserve for play, a community pool, bakeries, restaurants, a café, movie theater, and a couple of small supermarkets.

"Casti," as it's known to locals, has everything - you never need to leave town! We recommend that you do, but here's what Castillonnès has to offer:

La Presse
The newsstand is located on your left near the top of the main street, where you can get the Herald Tribune.

La Maréchalerie
Emilia and Eric are the hostess and chef-owners of this wonderful, reasonably priced restaurant that serves local specialties and wine. Children are welcome, (there is a kid's menu), and Emilia makes everyone feel like a long lost friend. Recommend booking the day before, as people are often turned away in the evening when the restaurant is full.

Casti Pizza
This guy seems to always be open. If you speak French, you can call ahead, or just wait in the square while your pizzas are made.

Bar des Arcades
There is a bar à vin/restaurant in the square where you can get coffee in the morning, drinks and meals. We've never eaten here, but it's a great place to sit and have a drink while you wait for your pizza. It is a truly local place.

Hotel Les Remparts
This is the high-end option in town. The restaurant looks on to a lovely little terraced garden, and the rooms have recently been re-done. Very nice for a drink. Recommend booking the day before, as people are often turned away in the evening when the restaurant is full.

There are two bakeries in town. The one on the main street has, in our opinion, the superior baguette, but the one around the corner on the Rue du Marché has better pépites au chocolat (chocolate chip pastries).

There is a butcher at the end of the main street and one on the Rue du Marché. We have gone more often to the one on the Rue du Marché, and know Madame a little better.

Groceries and Gas
There is a green grocer/corner store on the main street (they also have some butcher/charcuterie items), and the Petit Casino at the top part of town has all the basics. At the edge of town on the Villeneuve road (N21), is an EcoMarché, a supermarket that also sells gas and butane/propane bottles. Gas is self-serve, then you pay at the cashier on your way out. Pay close attention to the type of carburant your rental car needs. "Gazoil" or "gazole" is diesel.